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About Us

Kosher Kase is proof that you can have it all: High-quality kosher meats, Kobe Style-Wagyu beef, prepared foods, and bakery items at a price that makes sense for your family. While Kosher Kase doesn’t have a physical address, we’re located at the corner of quality and convenience.

Think of Kosher Kase as your modern-day answer to the question, "What's for Dinner?" We fit into your life with delicious, high-quality foods that are always individually packaged in convenient portions. During preparation, all of our meat, poultry, and produce are washed in our all natural rinse, which eliminates potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Delivered to your door in patented, award-winning Multivac vacuum-sealed bags that keep out the bacteria that most supermarket and grocery packaging do not, Kosher Kase foods are as fresh as can be. We also use only the highest quality meats and produce in our fresh packaged goods and our cooked foods, which are always prepared in a nut-free kitchen, except for a few bakery items.

Kosher Kase is ready to be part of you and your family’s healthy, on-the-go lifestyle. Avoid unnecessary trips to crowded supermarkets. Avoid overpaying for quality. Avoid packaging and portions that don’t make sense and cause waste. Avoid everything you always hated about going to the grocery store and instead experience a perfect blend of quality, affordability, and convenience that only Kosher Kase delivers.

Why Did We Create Kosher Kase?

For too long, those in need of kosher food only had two choices: Go to the store and usually overpay for quality or buy subpar products that don’t support a healthy lifestyle. Kosher Kase delivers quality, nutritious food straight to consumers’ homes.

The Kosher Kase Difference

While the list could go on and on, here’s what sets Kosher Kase apart from competitors:
  1. The patented individual packaging keeps food far fresher for far longer.
  2. Our packaging in smaller portions cuts down on waste by allowing you to open only the amount that you’re going to use.
  3. Over 85 percent of our products are gluten free, and all of our cooked products and most of our Bakery, are prepared in a nut-free environment.
  4. Our beef is high quality. USDA graded, 100 percent all natural, hormone free*.
  5. Our poultry is farm raised and hormone free*.
  6. All meat, poultry, and produce is washed in a natural rinse for your safety.
  7. Our award-winning packaging protects your family’s food from contamination.
  8. Our chefs are experts at creating meals that are both wholesome and delicious. You’ll want the recipes.
  9. Our prices are competitive.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Kosher Kase. Regardless of why you do, know this: Kosher Kase is committed to bringing you the highest quality, most delicious goods at a price that makes sense. We look forward to meeting all of your meat, poultry, precooked goods, and bakery needs now and in the future.


*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones.