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What Is Kosher?

The Importance of “Kashrus”

The term “kosher” comes from the Hebrew word “Kashrus,” or “pure,” but many practicing Jews don’t fully understand what kosher means. There is far more to being 100% kosher than avoiding dairy and shellfish.

Many food dyes, preservatives, and even natural flavorings are non-kosher because they contain ingredients that are derived from insects or even animal glands. With ambiguous labeling and a plethora of potential ingredients, it can be hard for even careful families to know the difference between what’s kosher and what isn’t. At Kosher Kase, we take the time to protect our 100% kosher certification by avoiding all potential non-kosher ingredients. We put the utmost importance on the purity of our foods because we know that our discerning customers do as well.

Kosher vs. Non-Kosher Meats

Of particular interest to many people is the distinction between kosher and non-kosher meats. Obviously, there are some meats that are forbidden under the kosher guidelines of the Torah, but there are differences between kosher and non-kosher slaughter and the preparation of animals that are permitted. For meat to be certified kosher according to the Torah, the animal must be killed by a ritual slaughterer known as a schochet. The slaughtering must be instant – the animal must feel no pain. This commitment to dignified treatment of the animal ensures a far more humane death than what occurs in ordinary slaughterhouses.

After the ritual slaughter, the animal is washed and prepared according to kosher tradition. Any impermissible parts are removed, and what remains is washed and salted to ensure purity and compliance with kosher guidelines.

Although following these guidelines is time- and cost-intensive, the process bears fruit even beyond basic compliance with the Torah. Expert and humane treatment of the animal both during the slaughter and the preparation ensures a higher quality product than the vast majority of non-kosher meats. Kosher Kase takes its commitment to quality even further, however. All of our meats are all natural and hormone free in addition to being 100% kosher. This ensures that every Kosher Kase product exceeds the standards that our discerning customers require.